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       Response To
   "A Decade For Us"
                Contributed by
    Dr. Angela Molette
      Enid, Oklahoma
Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ethnic Black Aboriginal and Indigenous World History
Dominates Our Decade
Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc., of Enid Oklahoma, Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum, along with other member agencies, like Harvest Institute Freedmen Federation of Washington, D.C., all proudly celebrated the year on People of African Descent in 2011. In fact, Leona Mitchell Southern Heights Heritage Center and Museum and BIU-LDF, Inc. continues to display the U.N.’s (2011) Banner for the Year of People of African Descent on their Websites;
It seems that information regarding the 2011 Event Year was not promoted in the U.S. as a planned 10 year Commemorative Anniversary of the Durban World Conference Against Racism (WCAR) and the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action. Perhaps, it was simply not promoted as such in Oklahoma? At any rate, it seems the rest of the world are now beginning to experience the same callous disregard, disrespect, neglect and total denial of issues that are important to persons of African Descent.
Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc., remains dedicated to educating and advocating about Ethnic Aboriginal, Indigenous Natives, Black Indian and Freedmen Rights derived through Treaties and issues of importance to Ethnic Native Americans, including mal-effects of Racism, Discrimination and Xenophobia. As such, our Agency remains committed to using the 10-year Commemoration to continue educating the masses about Ethnic Aboriginals of the Americas, as well as, our relationships to one another.
Initial information concerning our Peoples shall be found in the book, “My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven “Reclaiming Each Nuu Tnoo Huahi Andehui“, featuring the BIU-LDF, Inc. Genesis Project Analysis, itself, a groundbreaking evaluation on the origins and settlements inhabited by Ethnic Aboriginal, Indigenous, Native American and Indian Peoples of the Americas. The valuable assemblage of information demonstrates clear connections between Aboriginals from the Cradle of Civilization through their trek to become Aborigines of the Americas, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Hawaii and New Zealand. In my opinion, the amassed information also seems to pinpoint peoples targeted in a worldwide master-plan of Ethnic Cleansing, accomplished through race wars, genocidal policies and oppression.
Hopi Mother and Daughter at Mishonovi Arizona, 1898
All Rights Reserved
As for Racism, our Agencies have boldly broached such issues and tackled Racist motivations for destruction of the Aboriginal Americas and our economic infrastructure. (See, attached information on one segment of Aboriginal Africans, progenitors of Black Aboriginal and Indigenous Americans).
The first clue to uncovering the extended “Kingdoms of Africa” came from the Bishop of Rome and Catholic Majesties of Spain and Portugal, as they gave Papal Authority in the form of Papal Bulls, Documents of Discovery, Proclamations and eventual Charters granting themselves Dominion over the Aboriginal Americas. Each Decree, declared their destiny to search out the Kingdoms of Africa “wherever they exist” to root out Saracens, Pagans, Infidels and non-believers in Christ, to reduce them to perpetual Slaves, subjects, vassals or Christian Neophytes. The most surprising move, to most modern historians was that their next move was to dispatch Armadas of Conquistadors to the Americas. What, did the Americas have to do with war declared upon Saracens, Pagans and extended “Kingdoms of Africa?” We tackled the issue.
Black Aboriginal, Indigenous Natives and Indians have always known about our own “Aboriginal Kingdoms”, but lacked “access to” documented proof of our connections, which became further obscured by the specter of forced reduction in Status, Suppression and Enslavement of Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples. Book burnings, withholding of reference information sources, including items of cultural patrimony all wrested away by illegal occupiers of the soil contributed to blurred ancestral memory punctuated by removal from our former domain during the Trail of Tears. Certain of our peoples (including our own families) were confined to reordered Indian Country to deny our Aboriginal Claims over vast territories, lands, minerals, mines, and international trade infrastructure.
Despite all that, the BIU-LDF, INC., Genesis Project has been able to uncover evidence proving African settlement of the Americas with subsequent Freeborn Black Aboriginal Populations, giving rise to Black Indigenous Native descendants widely disbursed throughout the Americas (North, Central and South), including direct DNA connections to the inhabitants of Island Nations in Polynesia, Melanesia, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Tasmania, New Zealand Australia and Africa in addition to Ethiopia and Nubian Egyptian Ancestors. Following are samples of settlements made by our Aboriginal Ancestors.
The BIU-LDF, Inc. Genesis Project reviewed ancestral inhabitations, trails, passages and routes included settlement names, geographical features, waterways, channels, streams, lakes, rivers, creeks, areas and landmarks, (including lands that are now airfields, railroad stations, windmill stations, oilfields and more).
More Info: Since Egyptians and Ethiopians are the oldest, best documented or known Black Cultures in world history, the BIU-LDF, INC. Genesis Project deferred to their Nations as First Order Peoples of Aboriginal Origins at all times. Remember, the following are mere samples, find more in the book!
*Sibirbai Egypt (Populated Place, Al Gharbiyah)
*Sibirbay Egypt (Populated Place, Al Gharbiyah)
*Novo South Africa (Populated Place, Free State)
*Novo Sibirski Islands Russia (Islands, Yakutiya)
*Sibirchatayaka Russia (Stream, Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy) (Chata, Chatah, Choctaw). [Sibir (Egypt); Nene (Benin); Yaka (Benin); Chata (Chatah-Choctaw)].
*Sibirskiy Russia (Populated Place, Novosibirskaya Oblast’)
*Herald Island Russia (Island, Chukotskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug)
*Herald Reef Russia (Reef, Russia)
*Note1: “Yaka” found, in: Benin; Burkina Faso; Central African Republic; Congo; Ghana; Kenya; Liberia; Mali; Namibia; Niger; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; Somalia; Togo; Iran (Khora/Cora); Afghanistan (Kandahar); Turkey; Pakistan; Cyprus; Uzbekistan (former part of the Soviet Union); China; Japan; Burma; Sri Lanka (Ceylon); Fiji; Guyana; Yakama Indians (Washington); Idaho (USA);
*Note2: Yaka Darakht Afghanistan (Populated Place, Herat)
Yaka Darakt Afghanistan (Populated Place, Herat)
*Heracleopolis Magna Egypt (Ancient Site, Bani Suwayf)
*Herakleouspolis Megal Egypt (Populated Place, Bani Suwayf)
*Heracleum Greece (Seat Of A First Order Administrative Division, Irakleion)
*Heraclea Pontica Turkey (Pop. Place, Konya)
*Heraclea Turkey (Populated Place, Tekirdag)
*Hera Ahlan India (Pop. Place, Jammu and Kashmir)
*Hera Bore Australia (Well, Queensland)
*Herald Island Australia (Island, Queensland)
*Herald Bight Australia (Bay, Western Australia)
*Herald Bluff Australia (Cliff, Western Australia)
*Herald Bay Australia (Bay, Western Australia)
*Herald Gut Australia (Marine Channel, Western Australia)
*Herald Loop Australia (Channel, Western Australia)
*Herald Heights Australia (Hill, Western Australia)]
*Herald Point Australia (Point, Western Australia)
*Herald Rock Australia (Rock, Western Australia)
*Herald New Zealand (Island, New Zealand)
*Herald Island New Zealand (Island, New Zealand)
*Herald Islets New Zealand (Islands, New Zealand)
*Herald Cays Coral Sea Islands (Islands, Coral Sea Islands)
*Herald Haven Coral Sea Islands (Anchorage, Coral Sea Islands
*Herald Hill Papua New Guinea (Hill, Madang)
*Herabi Papua New Guinea (Pop. Place, Eastern Highlands)
*Herabulo Papua New Guinea (Pop. Place, Southern Highlands)
*Heraiki French Polynesia (Atoll, French Polynesia)
*Herald Bay Fiji (Cove, Fiji)
*Herald Sound Fiji (Lagoon, Fiji)
*Herald Bank Paracel Islands (Knoll, disputed)
*Herald Bight Tonga (Bight, Tonga)
*Hera Solomon Islands (Abandoned Populated Place, Solomon Islands)
*Hera Solomon Islands (Populated Place, Solomon Islands)
*Herairotohoa Solomon Islands (Stream, Solomon Islands)
*Heraisiu Solomon Islands (Abandoned Populated Place, Solomon Islands)
Heragal Ethiopia (Populated Place, (ET07)
Heraiz al Ja ‘llyin Sudan (Populated Place, (SU27)
Hera Dinga Niger (Intermittent Stream, Zinder)
Hera Mata Gooy Somalia (Pop. Place, Bay)
Herachet Mali (Locality or Area)
Herako Guinea (Intermittent Stream, Kouroussa)
Herako Guinea (Populated Place, Dinguiraye)
Heraksa Morocco (Populated Place)
Hera Bal Iran (Populated Place, Fars)
Hera Sima Japan (Island, Japan)
Heraga-saki Japan (Point, Japan)
Herald Rock Singapore (Rock, Sinapore)
Hera Pakistan (Locality, Balochistan)
Heragolla Sri Lanka (Pop. Place, North Western)
Hera Ela Sri Lanka (Stream, North Eastern)
Herait East Timor (Populated Place, East Timor)
Hera East Timor (Pop. Place, East Timor)
Hera Maldives (Island, Seenu)
*Hera Norway (Reef, Rogaland)
*Herajarvi Finland (Lake, Oulu Laani)
*Heraholmi Finland (Island, Lansi-Sumomen Laani)
*Heraalven Sweden (Stream, Vastra Gotaland) . Gotaland
*Herac Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mountain, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
*Heraj Albania (Populated Plalce, Tirane)
Herald Lake Canada (Lake, British Colombia)
Herald Point Saint Helena (Point, Saint Helena)
*Herald Flat Nigeria (Tidal Flat, Nigeria)
*Herald Point Nigeria (Point, Nigeria)
*Herald Rock Liberia (Rock, Sinoe)
*Herald Virginia (Populated Place)
*Herald Knob West Virginia (Summit)
*Herald Harbor Maryland (Park)
*Herald California (Populated Place)
*Herald Mine Colorado (Mine)
*Herald Square New York (Locale)
*Herald Illinois (Populated Place)
*Herald Square Illinois (Park)
*Herald Cemetery Illinois (Cemetery)
*Herald Cemetery Kentucky (Cemetery)
*Herald Hollow Arkansas (Valley)
*Heraclio Bernal Mexico (Populated Place, Sinaloa)
*Heralito Brazil (Populated Place, Minas Gerais)
*Yakut Yemen (Populated Place, Yemen)
*Yemenets Russia (Populated Place, Pskovskaya Oblast’)
*Yemenets Russi (Populated Place, Saratovskaya Oblast’)
*Yemena Russia (Populated Place, Arkhangel’skaya Oblast’)
Yakuta Burkina Faso (Populated Place, Burkina Faso)
Yakutat Alaska (Populated Place)
Yakutat Bay Alaska (Bay)
Yakutat Foreland Alaska (Area)
“Yakut” are progenitors of Ethnic Black “Yokut” Natives of North America, including large Bands once inhabiting Northern and Central California.
Yoku Congo, Democratic Republic of The Congo (Pop. Place)
Yoku Nigeria (Populated Place, Nigeria)
[Yoku Burma (Pop. Place, Kachin State)
Yoku Creek Guyana (Stream, Demerara-Mahaica)
Yokua Papua New Guinea (Pop. Place, Morobe)
Yokuas Mexico (Pop. Place, Yucatan) Olmec
Yokutungulu Congo, Democratic Republic of The (Populated Place, Congo, Democratic Republic of The)
Also related to this group were the following Aboriginal Populations;
Yokubavas Lithuania (Pop. Place, Lithuania)
Yokuchii Somu South Korea (Island, Kyongsang-namdo)
Yokuda Japan (Pop. Place, Okinawa)
Note: Okina Central African Republic (Stream, Central African Republic)
Okina Congo (Stream, Cuvette)
Okinai-yama Japan (Mountain, Japan)
Okina-jima Japan (Island, Japan)
Okinakane Canada (Stream, Canada) *Kanada
Okinami-bana Japan (Point, Japan)
Okinami-hana Japan (Point, Japan)
Okinan-Kaku Japan (Cape, Japan)
Okinano Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Okinawa Group Japan (Islands, Okinawa)
Okinawa Gunto Japan (Islands, Okinawa)
Okinawa-jima Japan (Island, Okinawa)
Okinawa-ken Japan (First Order Administrative Division, Okinawa)
Okinawa Numero Uno Bolivia (Pop. Place, Santa Cruz)
Okinawa Reservoir Hawaii (Reservoir)
(Yakutiya, Yakut Iya)
Iya Hareda Ali Beyle Ethiopia (Pop. Place, (ET07)
Iya Sheta Ethiopia (Stream, (ET03)
Iyai Guinea (Pop. Place, Yomou)
Iya Nigeria (Populated Place, Nigeria)
Iyalode Nigeria (pop. Place, Oyo)
Iya Offa Nigeria (Pop. Place, Oyo)
Iya Ibadan Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Iyahe Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Iyakala Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Iyaki Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Iyakan Kasa Nigeria (Pop. Place, Nigeria)
Iyah Somalia (Area, Bari)
Iyad Yemen (Pop. Place, Yemen)
Iyagizo Uganda (Hill, Uganda)
Iya Iran (pop. Place, Azarbayjan-e-Gharbi)
Iya Russia (Stream, Irkutskaya Oblast’)
Iya Japan (Populated Place, Shimane)
Iya Mountains Japan (Locality, Japan)
Iyakachchi Sri Lanka (Estate, North Eastern)
Iyakachchi Sri Lanka (Pop. Place, North Eastern)
Iya Indonesia (Mountain, Indonesia)
Iyahan Philippines (Pop. Place, Mountain)
Iya Papua New Guinea (Populated Place, Eastern Highlands)
Iyah Australia (Populated Place, Queensland)
Iyahuna Creek Alaska (Stream)
Iyak Alaska (Locale)
(Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy)
Nenebou Benin (Populated Place, Benin)
Nenekou Benin (intermittent Stream)
Neneassatou Benin (intermittent Stream, Benin)
Nene Cameroon (Populated Place, Cameroon)
Nene Cote d’Ivoire (Intermittent Stream, Guiglo)
Nenezra Cote d’Ivoire (Populated Place, Cote d’Ivoire)
Nenejumi Ghana (Ghana)
Nenea Guinea (Populated Place, GV26)
Nenemakole Guinea (Intermittent Stream, (GV26)
Nenepa Kenya (Area, Central)
Nene Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Nenena Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Nenebougou Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Nenerabougou Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Nenesso Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Neneria Mozambique (Populated Place, Cabo Delgado)
Neneis Namibia (Populated Place, Erongo)
Nene Pass South Africa (Pass, South Africa)
Nenele Senegal (Populated Place, Saint-Louis)
Nenete Senegal (Populated Place, Saint-Louis)
Nenet Senegal (Populated Place, Saint-Louis)
Nene Zambia (Forest, Western)
Nene Zambia (Stream, Western)
Neneccani Turkey (Populated Place, Agri)
Nenek Turkey (Populated Place, Turkey)
Nenezi Turkey (Populated Place)
Nenetsia Russia (First-Order Afministrative Division, Nenetskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug)
Nenets-Paula Russia (Hut, Khanty-Mansiyskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug)
Nenek Si-Mukut Malaysia (Pahang)
Nenengua Micronesia, Federated States of (Hill, Chuuk)
Nenengua Federated States of Micronesia (Summit)
Nenengua Micronesia, Federated States of (Hill, Chuuk)
Neneu Federated States of Micronesia (Spring)
Neneur Federated States of Micronesia (Swamp)
Nenek Island Indonesia (Island, Indonesia)
Neneng Indonesia (Populated Place, Sulawesi Selatan)
Nene Papua New Guinea (Populated Place, Southern Highlands)
Nenemakomana Papua New Guinea (Populated Place, Central)
Nenenakomena Papua New Guinea (Populated Place, Central)
Nenema River Papua New Guinea (Stream, Enga)
Nenemuli Point Papua New Uinea (Point, Milne Bay)
Nenewe Papua New Guinea (Populated Place, Morobe)
Nene Pungupungu Solomon Islands (Abandoned Populated Place, Solomon Islands
Nene River Solomon Islands (Stream, Solomon Islands
Nene Marshall Islands (Island, Markshall Islands)
Nenema New Caledonia (Island, New Caledonia)
Nenema Reef New Caledonia (Reef, New Caledonia)
Nenele’a (historical) Hawaii (Populated Place)
Nenenui Gate Hawaii (Gap)
Nenevok Lake Alaska (Lake)
Nene Windmill Colorado (Locale)
Nenemoosha Alabama (Populated Place)
Nenela Mexico (Populated Place, Yucatan) Olmec
Nena Angola (Stream, Huambo)
Nena Burkina Faso (Pop. Place, Burkina Faso)
Nena Mali (Pop. Place, Mali)
Nena Mali (Stream, Mali)
Nena Zambia (Administrative Division, Western)
Nena Cuba (Locality Granma)
Nena Cuba (Locality, Holguin)
Nena Cuba (Locality, La Habana)
La Nena Cuba (Locality, Camaguey)
La Nena Cuba (Locality, Granma)
La Nena Cuba (Locality, La Habana)
La Nena Cuba (Locality, Matanzas)
La Nenera Colombia (Populated Place, Bolivar)
La Nenita Argentina (Locality, Buenos Aires)
La Nenita Cuba (Populated Locality, Camaguey)
Neneo Ruca Argentina (Populated Place, Rio Negro)
La Nena Argentina (Locality, Santiago del Estero)
Note: El Negrito Argentina (Populated Place, Santiago del Estero)
Nena Philippines (Pop. Place, Eastern Samar)
Nena Micronesia, Federated States of (Marine Channel, Chuuk); (Chukkachati, Chukkachatti)- The name of an Aboriginal Black Seminole Settlement in Florida).
Nenabu Papua New Guinea (Stream, Sandaun)
Nena Oregon (Locale)
Nena Spring Oregon (Spring)
Nena Creek Oregon (Stream)
Nena Texas (Populated Place)
Nena Lucia Oil Field Texas (Oilfield)
Nena Finland (Tidal Flat, Oulu Laani)
Oula Burkina Faso (Populated Place, Burkina Faso)
Oula Central African Republic (Stream, Central African Republic)
Oula Chad (Populated Place, Kanem)
Oula Chair Morocco (Populated Place)
Oula Congo (Stream, Cuvette)
Oula Gueile Mauritania (Populated Place, Mauritania)
Oula Guinea (Populated Place, Foracariah)
Oula Guinea (Populated Place, Kindia)
Oula Mali (Populated Place, Mali)
Oulaagte South Africa (Intermittent Stream, Northern Cape)
Oula Creek Papua New Guinea (Stream, Northern)
Oula Solomon Islands (Area, Solomon Islands)
Oula Solomon Islands (Populated Place, Solomon Islands)
Oula Solomon Islands (Stream, Solomon Islands)
Oula Oula Itou French Guiana (Rapids, French Guiana)
Oulabaleia Itou Brazil (Waterfall, Brazil)
Oula Pioneer Memorial Park Wisconsin (Park)
Oulu Wisconsin (Populated Place)
Oulu Cemetery Wisconsin (Cemetery)
Oulu Church Wisconsin (Church)
Oulu School Wisconsin (School)
Oula Nakkalavaara Finland (Hill, Lappi)
Oulu Finland (Administrative Division, Oulu Laani)
Oulu Finland (First-Order Administrative Division, Oulu Laani
Oulu Finland (Seat Of A First-Order Administrative Division, Oulu Laani)
Oulu Finland (Stream, Oulu Laani)
Oulujarin Finland (Lake, Oulu Laani)
In retrospect, it made no sense for the U.S. Government to continue to deny, dispute and forestall the Inherited Treaty Rights and Claims of Aboriginal, Indigenous and Native American Descendants of Black founders of the Americas. Every ounce of settlement information has been recorded by the United States Geological Survey (USGS GNIS), an active arm and Agency of the United States Federal Government.
Remember, the information provided in this response accounts for a mere sample of empirical proof on Black Aboriginal Settlement in the Americas retained by Black Indians and Freedmen of North America, on our own particular origins. Thank you KA, for allowing me to respond to the informational communiqué sent to
Dr. Angela Finley Molette
Representative and Spokesperson
Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.
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