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BIU President's Message
Barbara Finley
Enid, Oklahoma
December 17, 2012
Among my many interests are Black Indians.
Thus the latest news that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Colombia overturned a lower court ruling that the Cherokee Freedmen case against the Tribal Chief could not proceed because The Tribe was not a defendant in the case and couldn't be compelled to abide by the Court's ruling--sparks great interest. 
What makes me happy is that a U.S. Court officially acknowledged that an 1866 Treaty granted the former Slaves of Indians (Cherokee Freedmen) all Tribal Rights, including the right to vote.
It's remarkable, the Federal Courts are becoming brave enough to state this publicly. Most legal fights seek to deny access to the courts and that we are protected by those treaties. This ruling allows these Cherokee Freedmen to sue the Chief in an attempt to restore their Tribal Memberships.
I advise my friends friends to become more familiar with Black Indian concerns. I remain committed to teach the truth about the treaties that affected my people of Indian Heritage. These 1866 Treaties are very important to Black Indians especially of the Five Civilized Tribes.
There are other lawsuits pending before the Supreme Court that are even more important.
Becoming educated is the key to holding those responsible for denying our rights to Due Process, Recognition, Access to Federal Programs, Financial Compensation and Sovereignty.
Learn more about Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Harvest Institute Freedman Federation and others having legal claims against the United States Trustees on behalf of Freedmen Descendants.
Barbara Finley, President
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