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Ethnic (Black) Indian Territory Surnames


 Check Often For Submissions From Additional Census Records

Although the 1830s Indian Removals were among the saddest chapters in Native American-US relations, there was an underlying sense of order and command exhibited by each Tribal Chief, Mingo (Minko) and Town King affiliated with the Five Civilized Tribes. They kept meticulous census records on every legitimate citizen within the national domain, including their ethnic protectorate.

So important were the documents that each became the basis of the U.S. Government's own talley of these, the last of the Great Tribes within a final census gathered by a Federally Authorized Special Tribunal, known as the "Dawes Commission".

Each of the 1866 Treaties contained a mandate requiring the Secretary of the Interior to compile a census of the legal citizens of the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole Nations, for voting, General Council participation and political representation purposes.

Twenty-seven years later, the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes was appointed by President Grover Cleveland in 1893, to negotiate land with the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole Tribes. It is commonly called the Dawes Commission, after its chairman, Henry L. Dawes.

Tribal members were entitled to an allotment of land, in return for abolishing their tribal governments and recognizing Federal Laws. In order to receive the land, individual tribal members first had to apply and be deemed eligible by the Commission.

Thirty years later, in 1896, the first application process for enrollment began, but was declared invalid.

So, Thirty-two years later the Dawes Commission started all over again in 1898. People had to re-apply in order to be considered, even if they had already applied in 1896. The resulting lists of those who were accepted as eligible became known as the "Dawes Rolls." Their formal name is the “Final Rolls of the Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory”. The Commission accepted applications from 1898 until 1907, with a few additional people accepted by an Act of Congress in 1914.

Our list below, includes surnames from a number of Tribal and Census Rolls unique to Indian Territory (unless specified).

-The Henderson Roll-

Although not included in the present list of names, Ethnic Cherokees may also need to view the 1835 Henderson Roll to compare surnames with ancestors known the inhabit the Cherokee domain.

The reason is clear; the 1835 Henderson Roll Census lists some 1,959 persons of the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia; With 68 pages, it requested information of the head of families known to have been Full-Blood "Indians, Half-Breeds, Quadroons, Whites and Slaves,"

as well as "mixed Catawbas; mixed Spaniard; mixed Negroes" and "descendants of reserves." Also listed are intermarried wives of Cherokees.

The document listed intermarried wives of Cherokees.


Aaron; Abb; Abey; Abraham; Abrahams; Abram; Abrams; Adair; Adam; Adams; Add; Adkins; Agnew; Ahaisse; A-ha-la-lo-chee; A-ha-la-ko-chee; Ahaloke; Ah-ho-he; Aholoke; Ah-weep-ka; Aiken; Ailey; Aird; Alberson; Albert; Alberty; Alec; Aleck; Alecky; Alex; Alexander; Alfa; Alfred; Allen; Alley; Alice; Alicky; Allie; Alvis; Amanda; Ames; Amesta; Amey; Amos; Amy; Anderson; Andrew; Andy; Anna; Annie; Annoche; Anthony; Archibald; Archer; Archockee; Archole; Ard; Armstead; Armistead; Armstrong; Ar-sup-pe-ye; Arther; Arthur; Asbury; Aspbury; Atkins; Austin;


Baby; Bacon; Bailey; Baker; Baldridge; Ballard; Balleau; Banks; Barber; Barchequetubby; Barker; Barkus; Barnes; Barnett; Barnette; Barnsvell; Barnwell; Barrett; Barricklow; Barrow; Bassett; Bates; Batt; Battiece; Batts; Beams; Bean; Bear; Beard; Beaver; Beck; Becky; Belcher; Bell; Bemo; Benge; Bennett; Benson; Berry; Berryhill; Beryman; Bertold; Bethold; Betholf; Betsy; Bettie; Bias; Big; Billy; Binum, Bird; Birney; Bironi (in Trust); Bishop; Bizzell; Black; Blackburn; Blackstone; Blackwell; Blair; Blue; Blythe; Boatright; Boggs; Boiling; Bonham; Boone; Borgeaud; Boston; Bottley; Boy; Boyd; Bowlegs; Bowman; Brad; Bradberry; Bradford; Brady; Brashears; Brewer; Brewster; Briley; Brinkley; Brinton; Bristor; Broadnax; Brooks; Brown; Bruce; Bruner; Bruno; Bryan; Bryant; Buck; Buckner; Buddy; Buffington; Bull; Bumpus; Bunn; Burden; Burdine; Burgess; Burks; Burnett; Burney; Burns; Burris; Burton; Bushyhead; Butler; Bynum; Byrd ;


Cabbin; Caesar; Cahnotamah; Callahan; Camel; Campbell; Canada; Canard; Candy; Cannon; Captain; Carbechochee; Carbiticher; Carlina; Carnard; Carney; Carolina; Carpitche; Carr; Carral; Carruth; Carson; Carter; Cash; Cassida; Cassidida; Catcher; Catchoche; Cates; Ceasar; Cesar; Chambers; Charles; Charlesey; Charley; Charlie; Charty; Chase; Chatua; Cheadle; Checote; Che-da-ka; Cheelen; Cheeska;Chemutta; Chepaney; Cheparne (Heirs)-(Hitchite in Coweta); Che-pi-che; Cheponoska; Chico; Chi-Ke; Childers; Childress; Childs; Chippee, Chisholm; Chochee; Choharjo; Chookcharte; Chopco; Chopky; Chosey; Choteau; Chotka; Chotke; Chotkey; Choya; Chrisman; Chulma; Chumsey; Chupco; Chupcogee; Church; Cindy; Clarinda; Clark; Clayton; Cline; Clinton; Cloud; Clouds; Coats; Cobb; Cobbrey; Cockram; Co-e-see; Coeshshe; Coffee; Coffey; Cohee; Coker; Colbert; Cole; Coley; Colley; Colver; Concharty; Condella; Condulle; Conhecha; Conley; Conner; Co-nok-kee; Contaley; Coody; Cook; Cooney; Cooper; Cornelius; Cornells; Cosar; Cotcha; Coulston; Courtney; Cowake; Co-wok-o-chee; Cox; Cozen; Cozens; Crain; Crane; Cravat; Crayson; Criner; Crittenton; Cromwell; Cropland; Crouch; Crow; Crowell; Crump; Cudjo; Cudjoe; Cuff; Culley; Cully; Cumpsey; Cumseh; Cundy; Cunningham; Cunny; Cunsah; Curns; Curtis; Cynda; Cyrus;

Daily; Dan; Dandy; Daney; Daniels; Davey; David; Davidson; Davis; Davison; Dean; Deer; DeFlore; Deleny; Deloney; Dendy; Dennis; Denison; Derisaw; Devine;Deunenburg; Diar;Dicey; Dick; Dickson; Dillsa; Dinah; Dindy; Dixie; Dixon; Dod; Dodge; Doil; Dolman; Donaghey; Donegay; Dorsar; Doser; Douglas; Douglass; Downing; Downs; Doyle; Drain; Drake, Draper; Drew; Duff; Dunbar; Duncan; Dunford; Dunlap; Dunsey; Durant; Dusar; Dyal; Dyle; Dyer;


Eagle; Easley; Eastman; Easton; Eaton; Eby; Echoille; Edmond; Edmonds; Edwards; Eight; Elawee; Eliason; Eliza; Ellen; Ellis; Elochee; Elsa; Elsie; Elizabeth; Emartha; Emarthla; Emarthlar; Emathoge; Emmy; Emoche; Emory; English; En-le-te-ke; Epperson; Esbivell; Escoe; Es-ho-po-na-ka; Eskew; Esse; Estachuksehoke; Estomethla; Eubanks; Eunar; Eunasse; Evans; Everage; Everett; Ewing;


Factor; Fair; Fanny; Faro; Faster; Fay; Fee; Fekhoniye; Fendall; Fester; Fields; Fife; Fik-hith-ka; Fims; Findley; Finley; Fink; Fish; Fisher; Fitzgerald; Fixico, Fixics; Flanley; Flannagan; Fletcher; Flint; Flowers; Floyd; Flynn; Folsom; Ford; Foreman; Forman; Forrester; Foster; Fowler; Fox; Frances; Francis; Franklin; Frazier; Freedman; Freeman; French; Frenchman; Froe; Fry; Fryday; Fuller; Fulsom; Fuswa; Futcha-hoke; Futopeche;


Gable; Gaines; Gains; Galloway; Gamble (Heirs); Gano; Gardner; Garland; Garlands; Garmon; Garrett; Gas; Gaskine; Gates; Gautt; Gaylord; Geary; Geer; Gehorn; Gentry; George; Gerry; Gerty; Gess; Gibbs; Gibson; Gibsy; Giddens; Gilbert; Gillispie; Gilrap; Gladley; Glass; Glazebrook; Glover; Goat; Godfrey; Golden; Goldsmith; Gooden; Gooding; Goodman; Goody; Gordan; Gordon; Gormly; Graham; Grant; Gray; Grayson; Green; Greenleaf; Greenwood; Greer; Gregory; Gremit; Grey Eye; Greyson; Griffen; Griffin; Griffiths; Grigory; Griggs; Grimes; Grimmett; Griner; Grissom; Ground; Grundy; Guess; Gully; Gunter; Guy; Gwin


Hadly; Hagie; Haines; Halfbreed; Halford; Hall; Halls; Halt; Hamersley; Hamiel; Hamilton; Hammond; Hammonds; Hampton; Haney; Hanks; Hanna; Hannah; Hardage; Hardgray; Hardrige; Hardy; Harken; Harker; Harkins; Harlin; Harlon; Harnage; Harjo; Harjoche; Harper; Harris; Harrison; Harrod; Harveson (Heirs); Harvey; Hasup; Hat-ho-yar; Hatty; Hawk; Hawkins; Hayecha; Haynes; Hayes; Hays; Heard; Helterbrand; Henderson; Hendricks; Henne-ho-chee; Hennesy; Henny; Henricks; Henry; Hepsey; Herod; Herrods Hershey; Hesahoka; Hesohoka; Hickles; Hicks; Higginbottom; Hill; Hillard; Hilliard; Hills; Hilly; Hilterbrand; Hines; Hobbs; Hochifke; Hochstetler; Hockstetler; Hodge; Hodges; Hodgkins; Hoktochee; Hoktoke; Holata; Holatka; Holland; Hollins; Holloway; Holmes; Holt; Homer; Honesan;Hooks; Hoparne (Amos associated with this family); Hope; Hopkins; Hopoille; Hoppy; Hopwood; Horn; Hotubbee; Hotulke; House; Houston; Howard; Huche; Hudson; Huff; Huffpower; Hughes; Hulbutta; Hulhoke; Hulleah; Hully; Hulwa; Humdy; Humphreys; Hunley; Hunter; Huntley; Hutche; Hutke; Hutton; Hyatt;

*Note: (Haney Township established 10 miles northeast of the city of Seminole by Reverend Willis Haney in 1908. City lasted until 1916).


Icrimsker; Ida; Iley; Illiskarpan; IllisKarpar; In-char-we; Irons; Irving; Isaac; Isaacs; Isham, Ishmael; Ish-te-mamba; Island; Islands; Is-tal-li-ke; Ivey;


Jack; Jacksey; Jackson; Jacksy; Jacobs; Jakey; James; Jameson; Jamison; Janey; Jannati; Jarjoche; Jeff; Jefferson; Jemima; Jennetta; Jennie; Jessie; Jeuda; Jimmerson; Jimmey; Jimmie; Jimmy; Jimpka; Jimpsey; Joanna; Joans; Job; Jo-co-chee; Joe; Joel; John; Johnie; Johnoche; Johnsey; Johnson;Johnston; Jonah; Jonas; Jones; Jonoche; Jonoah; Jonasse; Jones; Joney; Jordan; Josey; Joseph; Joshua; Judy; July; Jumper; June;


Ka; Kamabe; Kambie; Kanard; Kane; Kaney; Katie; Katy; Kell; Kelley; Kelly; Kelso; Kemp; Kenah; Kendricks; Kennedy; Keno; Ke-pa-ya; Kernel; Ke-se-lar; Key; Keyes; Keys; Kibbett; Kidd; Kinarkey; King; Kingsberry; Kingsbury; Kinnard; Kinnona; Kirk; Kissie; Kith-lee; Knowles; Kotska; Krooms;


Lacy; Lake; Lamey; Lamkin; Lampkins; Lance; Land; Landivere; Landrum; Lane; Lanego; Lang; Langley; Lanie; Larne; Larney; Lar-tar-yohols; Lashley; Lasley; Latchie; Lathers; Lat-ho-Ke; Laughridge; Lawrence; Lawson; Leader; Leah; Leatherman; Lee; Leffard; Leflore; LeFlore; Lelusse; Lemore; Lena; Lendley; Lenox; Lester; Letka; Lewis; Libby; Lick; Ligon; Liley; Lilley; Lin; Lina; Lincoln; Lindsay; Lindsey;Linney; Litka; Little; Littrell; Livingston; Lizzie; Lodie; Lofton, Loftus, Logan; Loman; Loneon; Long; Lopka; Losata; Lott; Lottie; Lotty; Louie; Louisa; Lousanna; Love; Lovett; Low; Lowe; Lowesa; Lowine; Lowiney; Lowrey; Lowry; Lozana; Lucas; Lucina; Lucken; Luckey; Luckly; Lucy; Lula; Lumba; Lumsey; Lundia; Lundo; Lunnon, Lunsford; Lusoche; Luste; Luster;Lustey; Lynch; Lynn, Lyons;


Mackey; Madison; Mahale; Mahardy; Makin; Makins; Malina; Malone; Maltby; Malvern; Malvery; Manac; Mandy; Maney; Manly; Mann; Manning; Manuel; Marcum; Marcus; Marcy; Maria; Marks; Marpiyecher; Mar-see; Marsh; Marshal; Marshall; Marston; Martha; Marthla; Martin; Marty; Mary; Mason; Matoy; Mathews; Matthews; Matuth-hoke; Maude; Maul; Maxwell; May; Mayberry; Mayes; Mayfield; Mayo; Mays; Mayson; Maytubbe; Maytubby; McAfee; McAffee; McCain; McCann; McCarty; McCay; McClain; McClaughin; McClendon; McCleary; McClish; McCorrell; McCoy; McCulla; McCullough; McDermott; McDaniel; McDaniels; McDonald; McFarland; McGee; McGeisey; McGeisy; McGilbarry; McGilbra; McGilvary; McGilvery; McGirt; McHardy; McHenry; McIntosh; McKean; McKellop; McKinney; McKenzie; McKy; McLish; McMillan; McNac; McNair; McNiven; McSimms; McSims; Meahala; Mecco; Meicco; Meit-te-wi-ke; Meley; Melishkoche; Melisse; Melo; Melton; Meney; Merrican; Merriman, Mesale; Mesaley; Metetakee; Methews; Metton; Meyer; Micco; Mike; Miles; Miley; Milford; Miller; Millett; Milley; Millie; Mills; Milly; Milom; Milsey; Mimey; Mimms; Mims; Mina; Minas; Minda; Mingo; Minnis; Mintfield; Misselda; Missena; Missey; Missie; Mitchell; Mitchile; Mobley; Mogee; Mohuntubby; Mokoyike; Moleya; Mollie; Molly; Molton; Monacheke; Moncrief; Monday; Moniac: Monkah; Monroe; Montgomery; Moody; Mooney; Moore; Moppin; Morey; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Morrow; Morton; Mosar; Moseley; Mosely; Moses; Moss; Mot-hoh-ye; Mot-hoh-ye-Silla; Mulcussey; Mulcy; Mulgusse; Mulleah; Mullen; Munds; Mundy; Mungo;Munn; Munnah; Mure; Murphy; Murray; Murrell; Murrill; Murrow; Musgrove; Musrat; Muthoye; Mye; Myers; Myles


Nail: Nance; Nancy; Nannie; Naner; Nar-Kof-te-chi; Napoeche; Napoleon; Narcome; Nash; Natukse; Nave; Neal, Neel; Neeley; Nehar; Neicco; Nellie; Nellsie; Nelly; Nelsey; Nelson; Ne-ma; Nero; Nevens; Nevin; Nevins; Newberry; Newby; Newell; Newman; Nicey; Nichols; Nims, Nitchey; Nitey; Nivens; Nix; Noble; Nocosille; Noel; Noelen; Nokoseka; Nokusile; Nolen; Nolitubby; Nomman; Nora; Norfer; North; Norwood; Noska; Nouubby; Nowell, Nuksokoche; Nunley;


Ogles; Ohar-hoye; Okfuska; Okfuskey; Okfusky; Olden; Oldham; Oldhom; Olinde; Oliver; Omayaye; Ore; Osborn; Osborne; Otheche; Overton; Owen; Ownes;


Pa-at-ge; Pack; Page; Palmer; Paney; Paris; Parish; Parker; Parks; Parlor; Parney; Parnoche; Parnosa; Par-nos-co-che; Parnoskey; Paro; Paroah; Parsosee; Passake; Patrick; Patten; Patterson; Patton; Paul; Pauntubby; Payne; Payton; Pea; Pearsey; Pearson; Pegg; Pendelton; Pendleton; Pender; Pennose; Pensina; Pensins; Peobe; Percival; PerCotche; Peoples; Perkins; Perry; Perryman; Peter; Peters; Peterson; Pettett; Pettit; Pettus; Petty; Phelps; Phena; Phenie; Philips; Phillips; Pickens; Pickett; Pierce; Pigeon; Pilot; Pippins; Pitchlynn; Plummee; Plummer; Pochuswa; Poe; Poldo; Poleon; Pollen; Polly; Polson; Pompey; Pond; Ponds; Ponkilla; Ponluste; Pon-no-kee-Tulsay; Poole; Porlar; Porter; Posely; Possuk; Post; Postoak; Pottey; Potts; Powell; Powers; Pratt; Preston; Preuilt; Price; Priddy; Primmer; Primous; Primus; Prince; Proctor; Pruitt; Puller; Pullotka; Puncho; Punka; Punluste; Putkeh; Pyles;


Quabner; Quinn;


Rabbit; Ragen; Ragsdale; Raiford; Ramsey; Randolph; Ranson; Rathingord; Rattingood; Ray; Rector; Read; Redfield; Redford; Redmon; Redmond; Redmouth; Reed; Reese; Reeves; Reid; Rentie; Renton; Renty; Reynolds; Rhoda; Rhone; Rice; Richard; Richards; Richardson; Richmond; Riddle; Rider; Ridge; Ridgeway; Riley; Rily; Ripley; Rivers; Roach; Roane; Robbins; Robin; Roberson; Robert; Roberts; Robertson; Robins; Robinson; Robison; Roby; Rodman; Rodville; Roe, Roebuck; Roff; Rogers; Rollen; Rop; Rorex; Rosanna; Rose; Rosella; Rosevelt; Ross; Rowe; Roy; Russell; Ryder;


Sa-che-meche; Safley; Sakoeka; Saketheche; Sakteke; Saley; Salina; Salinda; Sallie; Sally; Salma; Saloche; Salone; Sam; Samby; Samele; Sammah; Sammy; Samochee; Sams; Sampson; Samuel; Samuels; Sancho; Sanders; Sando; Sandridge; Sands (Heirs)-(Mathew Marshall, in trust for heirs of Vicey Sands); Sandy; Sanegan; Sanger; Sango; Sapalpake; Sapehunka; Sapkhohthe; Sarber; Sar-fut-chi; Sarney; Sasser; Saunders; Sawry; Scales; Scarborough; Scheriff; Scipio; Scott; Scruggs; Seabolt; Sealy; Sealey; Seaman; Sears; Seeley; Sefah; Segro; Seharney; Sehoka; Sehunka; Seitz; Selba; Selda; Sells; Selma; Sem; Semieteke; Seminole; Semissee; Semleteke; Sena; Se-ne; Sentevey; Serrell; Se-se-pui-che; Sevel; Severs; Sewel; Sewell; Sh-at; Shannon; Sharper; Shatubby; Shaw; Shawnee; Shell; Shelton; Shennon; Shepard; Sherman; Sherley; Shields; Shirley; Shoales; Shoals; Shoeape; Shortess; Shoto; Siah; Sic-Ke-tow-we; Sier; Sifax; Siglar; Sill; Silla; Sillah; Sim-e-di-ha-kee; Simena; Simkins; Simma; Sim-me-te-da-kee; Simmons; Simon; Simpson; Sims; Singer; Sissie; Sissy; Skeeter; Skelton; Skiff; Sladen; Slaughter; Sleadman; Smallwood; Smart; Smiley; Smilie; Smith; Sneed; Snow; Snowden; Sofely; Solomon; Sona; Sonny; Sookey; Soria; Sowanoke; Sowatske; Spainard; Spaks; Spaniard; Sparks; Spears; Speers; Spencer; Spiers; Spigener; Spigner; Spinger; Spring; Springer; Stafey; Stair; Stahaker; Stanfield; Standford; Stanford; Stanley; Stanton; Starnes; Starr; Staten; Steadham; Stendham; Steel; Stendham; Stephen; Stephens; Stephenson; Stepney; Steppe; Stevens; Stevenson; Stevison; Stewart; Stick; Stidham; Stim-mo-lut-Ke; Still; Street; Stone; Stop; Story; Stover; Stroud; Stroy; Stryker; Suc-car-see; Sugar; Sullivan (William Sullivan, in trust for heirs of Rachel Sullivan); Sumka; Summers; Sumpsey; Sunday; Sunny; Suppulpar; Sutton; Susanna; Susey; Susie; Suthoye; Su-wa-ke; Synche; Swindle;


Tab; Tahike; Takhike; Talmascy; Talmasey; Tamascy; Tanner; Tanyan; Tar-co-sar; Tar-ye; Tate; Tatum; Tayeche; Taylor; Tecumseh; Teller; Tena; Terrel; Terry; Te-tah-ke; Tewe; Tewee; Thahoyane; Thasate; Theodore; Thlocco; Thocco; Thomas; Thomson; Thompson; Thornton; Thorton; Thornsbury; Thorrip; Thorrup; Thorsbury; Thurman; Thursday; Tiger; Tikahche; Tilghman; Tillman; Tipkins; Tipton; Tittle; Ti-u-na; Toat-Kar-har-se; Tobey; Tobie; Tobler; Toche; Toles; Toliver; Tolliver; Tolmochusse; Tolomka; Tom; Tombs; Tommy; Tom-oke-lan; Toney; Torrence; Towns; Towers; Townsend; Towser; Tubby; Tulla; Tulsay; Tushka; Tote-ho-ye; Treplet; Trim; Triplet; Triplett; Trotter; Tuckaparche; Tucker; Tu-culate; Turnbull; Turner; Tustennuggee (Heirs, surname “Amos” assoc. with this name); Tustunnuc-Kee; Tutler; Twyman; Tyler; Tyner; Typer; Tyson;


Underwood; Upham; Ut-tley


Van; Vance; Vandivere; Vanley; Vann; Vannoy; Vare; Vaughn; Vaughner; Vee; Verner; Vincent; Vinson; Virgel; Vollen;


Wade; Wadsworth; Waitey; Wakkie; Walcot; Walden; Walf; Walker; Wallace; Wallas; Walls; Walner; Walter; Walters; Walton; Wamble; Ward; Ware; War-le-do; Warfield; Warfields; Warford; Warner; Warrior; Washington; Wasutke; Waters; Watie; Watkins; Watley; Watters; Watts; Watson; Watty; Weattie; Webber; Webster; Weely; Wellington; Wells; Welsh; Werta; Wesley; West; Wetley; Wetzell; Whaley; Wheat; Wheler; Whipple; Whitaker; White; Whitfield; Whitlock; Whitlow; Whitmire; Whitson; Whittaker; Wildcat; Wild Cat; Wilder; Wiley; Willea; William; Williamkee; Williams; Willamson; Willie; Willis; Wilkes; Wilkerson; Wilkinson; Wilkins; Wilsey; Wilson; Wims; Windon; Windom, Winey; Wining; Winslett; Winton; Wiresman; Wise; Wisner; Witlow; Wolf; Wolfe; Womack; Wood; Woodall; Woods; Woodruff; Woodward; Worley; Woryer; Wotko; Wow-owe; Wright; Wyatt; Wyetka;


Ya-fo-la-gee; Yakopuche; Yamie; Yanah; Yarber Yargee (in Trust for Harveson); Yarnah; Yates; Yekcha; Yocubby; Yohola; Yoholo; Yonger; Young; Younger; Youngs; Yowelle.

-Maiden or Married Names Also Recorded-

Beaver; Claxburn; Dunford; Elbridge; Elwood; Gooding; Hines; Jeffers; Leflore; Milton; Voyd; Waldron;

1832 Surnames Of Slaves In Mississippi Choctaw Settlements

(or Roads near Choctaw Agency)

Mushulatubbee-Nitakechi-Leflore Districts

Mushalatubbee District

*Gardner (at Nuchillip Creek)

*Garland (at Koatopa Branch)

*Nail (at Buckatunna Creek)

*Yates (at Pushcushpear Creek)

Nitakechi District

*Brashears (at Black Bluff-Tombigbee)

*Juzan (at Benachitta)

*Bond ( (at Tiyakya Bluff)

*Train (at Shoknach Creek)

*Mingomushulatubbe (at Ashukwa)

Leflore District

*Anderson (at Emoklasha, also documented as Emocklasha, Emochlusa, Imoklasha, Imoklusa, Mokalusa and Mochalusa-on the Chickasawhay River).

*Crevatt (at Big Black-east side)

*Captain Chatametaha (at Yazoo Valley)

*Tonabbe (at Hashabatalia)

*Folsom (at Trim Cane or Hebron, Hebrin)

*Walls (at Mayhew)

*Kincade (at Osherebi and Tombeebe)

*Pitch Lynn (at Robinson Road-4 miles from Columbus)

*Garland (at Robinson Road-3 miles from Columbus)

*Jones (at Oxnoxeby or Noxubee-6 miles Robinson Road)

Note: [Oxynoxeby adjoins prairie land of Levi Pickens, half-breed). Jones surname at several Choctaw Settlement Locations]

*McKinney (at Robinson Rd. 15 miles from agency)

*McIntosh (at Tombeebe)

*Brashears (at Luckenatcha and Suckenatcha)

*Buckles (at Suckenatcha)

*Johnson (land “belongs to Alexander Vaughn in Laflore’s line”)

*Moncrif (at Demopolis)

*Walker and Lewis (at same location, White man “Walker” on land belonging to “Lewis” “who works the farm”.

*Leader (Little Leader)-(at Sukenatha)

*Ward, Leflore, Linscomb and Nail-(Robinson Rd. 1 mile from agency)

[The above surnames reflect that of Choctaw Slaves in service to the United States Indian Agent in the Choctaw Nation].

*Daniel (Jacob Daniel’s “half-negro and half Indian wife” was not recorded as a Slave.)

Additional Slaves-Leflore District, unnamed townships





-1899 McKennon Roll of Mississippi Choctaw-

Senator McKennon’s Rolls documented Full-Blood and Identified Choctaws of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

The Indians identified by the Commission on the roll reported March 10, 1899 were summarily excluded by disapproval, rejection and termination of all McKennon enrollments without notification or explanation, although subsequent documentation contends that the African ancestry of their particular historic Choctaw forbears affected the descendants at issue, as the true cause of their disenfranchisement.

McKennon’s Choctaw (Mississippian) enrollees were also denied participation in a subsequent enrollment and, “therefore not included in the second roll of Identified Mississippi Choctaws, which was prepared by the Commission under the Act of July 1, 1902, and was based upon the hearings conducted in Mississippi in 1900, 1901, and 1902. On March 1, 1907, this roll was disapproved without notice to anyone, without a hearing and without considering the merits of the rights of the individuals enrolled who were not included in the subsequent roll.”

By Article 3 of the treaty of September 27, 1830 (7 Stat. 333), known as the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, the Choctaw Nation of Indians ceded to the United States the entire country possessed by them east of the Mississippi river, and agreed to remove beyond the Mississippi during the three years next succeeding. But, in view of the fact that some of the Choctaws preferred not to move, it was provided in Article 14 that each head of a family who desired to remain and become a citizen of the states should be permitted to do so, and should thereupon be entitled to a reservation of one section of land, with an additional half section for each unmarried child living with him over ten years of age, and a quarter section for each child under ten. If they resided upon said lands intending to become citizens of the states for five years after the ratification of the treaty, a grant in fee simple should issue, and it was further provided:

“Persons who do claim under this Article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity.”

“By another Article (19) reservations were provided for certain prominent Choctaws by name, [255 U.S. 373, 378] and for limited numbers of heads of families and captains.”

The mixed-blood Choctaws who elected to remain in Mississippi were provided for under Article 19, while the full bloods who remained and elected to become citizens of the state were provided for under Article 14; hence full-blood Mississippi Choctaws have always been called ‘Fourteenth Article claimants’. They did not live upon any reservation, nor did the government exercise supervision or control over them. No funds were appropriated for their support, though much land was given to them. Neither the Indian Office nor the Department of the Interior assumed or exercised jurisdiction over them, and they never recognized them either individually or as bands, but regarded them as citizens of the state of Mississippi, and the Department held it had no authority to approve contracts made with them.”

Deprivation of Nationality: A State Legislature Enactment


Ethnic (Black) Mississippi Choctaws

Unresolved Article 19 and Fourteenth Article Mississippi Choctaws

Ethnic (Black) Mississippi Choctaws were recognized by the “Choctaw Nation west, which had removed to Indian Territory”. They comprised a significant portion of a citizen class known as “Choctaw Freedmen” by the 1866 Treaties.

“Pending the negotiations of the treaty, the Legislature of the state of Mississippi passed an act, January 19, 1830, abolishing the tribal customs of Indians not recognized by the common law or the law of the state.” The right of the Fourteenth Article Mississippi Choctaws to citizenship in the parent tribe appears to have been recognized at one time by the Choctaw Nation west, which had removed to Indian Territory pursuant to the treaty [255 U.S. 373, 379].

On December 24, 1889, the Nation, through its Legislature, memorialized Congress, reciting that there were ‘large numbers of Choctaws yet in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana who are entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizenship in the Choctaw Nation,’ and requesting the United States government to make provision for the emigration of these Choctaws from said states to the Choctaw Nation. In 1891 a commission was provided for and funds appropriated by the Choctaw Council for the removal and subsistence of Mississippi Choctaws to the Nation, and during that year 181 were removed and admitted to citizenship.”

Aside from the primary Trail of Tears removal of Choctaws in Mississippi to Oklahoma, many subsequent Mississippi Choctaws removed in small family groups, from 1835 through 1850. Sadly, on the heels of the 1889 petition for the welfare of “large numbers of Ethnic Choctaws yet in the states of Mississippi and Louisiana entitled to all the rights and privileges of citizenship in the Choctaw Nation“, only 181 were relocated as promised.

Senator McKennon’s mandate was to record the remaining Mississippi Choctaws, but history reveals that the McKennon Rolls were terminated without notice to claimants who were kept in the dark about their status until after the closure of even the Dawes Commission Rolls. They were left to languish in place without provision or legal Citizenship.

Without Sanctuary: Ethnic (Black) Mississippi and Louisiana Choctaws never renounced their Choctaw Nationality and were never Naturalized as U.S. Citizens.

-Surnames of McKennon Roll Claimants-

Enrolled at Hattiesburg, Mississippi, 1899-

Adam, Adams, A-ha-tubbee, Aikin, Alin, Allen, Amos, Anderson, Arkansas, Austin, Bachelor, Barney, Bell, Ben, Billey, Billy, Bob, Boley, Boon, Bowlan, Broke-shoulder, Burmingham, Calhoun, Camel, Charlas, Charlie, Chatham, Chitto, Comby, Cooper, Christon, Culberson, Cun-che-tubbe, Cuttie, Daniel, Dansby, Davis, Denson, Dixon, Dyas, Elan, Ellis, Emaline, Emi-yah-tubbee, Farbus, Farmer, Foley, Fortune, Franklin, Frenchman, Gibson, Golden, Gun-smith, Guss, Hampton, Handy, Haney, Harjo, Harper, Hattenstie, Hawkins, Hen-lar-bee, Henry, Hickman, Hill, Hinson, Hopson, Hotubbee, Hudson, Hunter, Isaac, Iisom, Isom, Jack, Jackson, Jacob, Jacobs, Jacoway, Jackoway, James, Jamison, Jasper, Jeff, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jim, Jim-Isaacs, Jimmie, John, Johnson, Johny, Jollis, Jones, Joshua, Kelly, King, LaFlore, Lee, Lewis, Louis, Ma-hat-sti-ah, Martin, Marris, Mashulaka, Mayer, McCormick, McMillan, Miller, Momon, Moore, Morris, Moses, Nail, Nelson, Nubbee, On-na-habbi, Parker, Pearson, Perry, Peter, Philip, Phillip, Pis-tubbee, Pis-sah-tee-chubbee, Polk, Porter, Post-oak, Primus, Random, Rasha, Robison, Rush, Sam, Scott, Sexton, Shoemaker, Simmons, Simon, Simpson, Smith, Sockey, Solomon, Stemona, Stephen, Stee, Stoliby, Sturdevant, Tecumseh, Thomas, Thompson, Tillis, Tom, To-ma-ha-tubbee, Tomby, Tookala, Tookolo, Too-nubbee, Tubbee, Tuf-fa-ma, Wah-ca-tubbee, Wait, Waiter, Wallace, Washington, Wedge, Weshock, Wesley, Wickson, Wiley, William, Williamson, Willis, Wilson, York;

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