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Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Incorporated is a non-profit Native American Educational Advocacy Organization, advocating on behalf and in support of lineal descendants of Hemispheric Black Aboriginals, Ethnic Black Native Americans and original Indian Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes.

Our organization is comprised of the progeny of Ethnic Native Americans having admixture of "African Ancestry" from various ancient Septs, Nations, Tribes, Bands, Clans, Communities and Individuals identified as historic Tribal Citizens, an Ethnic protectorate and successors-in-interest (as their descendants, heirs and assigns forever) tied to the continent of the Americas by heritage.

Our legal-Historical ldentity, lineage, rights , benefits and entitlement are the subject of documented official language in various Charters, numerous Indian treaties, Congressional Acts, Resolutions and Proclamations, the most coveted of which are the 1866 Treaties.

Each compels us to maintain a firm and certain interest in improving the quality of life our beleagured people, which aids the primary Black Indian constituency to achieve equity, equality and parity with other Tribes in the United States today.

Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Incorporated is also dedicated to securing Due Process, implementing and strengthening strategic programs designed to eliminate discrimination against descendants of Ethnic Black Aboriginals and Indigenous Indians of the Americas, particularly those sharing and celebrating a combined Native American Heritage and remote origin African Ancestry.

As treaty entitlement groups, we encourage full participation and enjoyment of 1866 Treaty Rights, including all benefits, privileges and protections in equity and fairness due to lineal descendants, heirs, assigns and allied Nations of the original proprietors of the soil, recognized as Indigenous Nations having unencumbered alloidial title to identified lands, colonies, communities, and extent tribal towns within the domestic boundaries, geographical jurisdiction and legal sphere of influence in the aboriginal hemisphere.

All such rights are protected by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, ratified by the United States in December, 2010. Those rights include; economic, social, civil and political rights, as well as integration in all political, economic, social and cultural aspects of Sovereign Society by promoting greater knowledge and respect of our unique heritage and culture.

How We Help:

Specially trained organization Advocates, Administrators and appointed Speakers, Representatives and appointed Ambassadors provide education and leadership upon key components of advocacy programs developed by Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund. Our advocacy programs are aimed at elimination of racism and discrimination against Ethnic Black Indians at International and Domestic Federal Levels; to include Presidential and Congressional tiers, Federal, State and Tribal Courts, State Legislatures and Educational Institutions.

Black Indian Political Advocacy methodologies includes; Fundraising for Policy Review, Reform Assessments, Education, Litigation and pursuit of modern Legislation designed to benefit Indian Freedmen of Historic Tribes, State and Federally Recognized Tribes who have been unfairly excluded from Federal Recognition and Access to programs put on by the United States for Indians due to discriminatory practices borne of racism.

All programs are designed to benefit:

Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund Advocacy and Educational Mission Goals, Indian Freedmen, Historic Ethnic Tribes, Communities and State Recognized Tribal Bands who have been unfairly excluded from receiving Federal Recognition due to discriminatory laws, codified rules, policies, procedures and practices.


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