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Faith of a Mustard Seed

[Mu (star) d' Seed]

          Ndongo-Kongo-Angola Connection to the Americas

Holy A[Bib] * [Bib][le]-The Book *The Holy Bible 

Unexplored Black History in The Holy BIB (Book):

An exciting alternate version of the official 1619 Trans-Atlantic Slavery narrative. According to the Historic Jamestown website (, First Africans in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade came as captives from the Kingdom of Ndongo, Kongo and Angola. The most spectacular thing about that happens to be significant new evidence and information recovered by Black Indians United Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc., "Genesis Project"). Documents were amassed from a myriad of sources, comprising an open door left for us by God's Grace and Mercy. It supports assertions postulated by the group. contends, that; In 1619, a ship by the name San Juan Batista left Africa headed for the Port of Veracruz (Mexico). On approach to Veracruz, the San Juan Batista was intercepted by two English Privateers (merchant ships, Pirate Ships) by the names of "White Lion" and "Treasurer." Captains of the English Privateers took possession of approximately 350 African Captives. Each African was sold into Slavery, However, "20 or so" African were taken on to Jamestown, Virginia (also known as Hampton) where they sold into Slavery. Captain William Pierce of the Treasurer kept an female from the captives named "Angelo" or "Angela" for himself. He took her to his Virginia Plantation.

A researcher at contributed information from a document labeled "Hotten 08" containing a Muster Roll for the Treasurer. However, the year provided was 1618-likely a typo), which counted a "Negro", female, 25 years old named

Angela" belonging to Captain Pierce. (You will find Ndongo, Kongo and Angola Geo-Locations appended to this document.) Black Indians and Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes also bore very ancient and archaic connections to the same geo-locations. You will find Ndongo, Kongo and Angola among those locations. 

There are a few other intriguing elements to this history; You will note that Captain William Pierce had a Virginia Plantation, which clues us to his Pro-Slavery position. In fact, he made his living via maritime capture of Africans and reducing them to Slaves, profiting from each instance. Aboriginal, Indigenous and Tribal Black Indians inhabited Virginia during Pierce's reign. The 1830 Indian Removal required persons living with Slaves to release their Slaves or be removed along with the Native. Every European opting to live in Indian Territory was notified that they gave up "protection by the U.S. Government . Hundreds of such Europeans were removed and were admonished and astonished to learn that they gave up

Captain Pierce had a Plantation situated in Virginia that was (at the time) located in the aboriginal Indian Country occupied by Native Americans and Black Indigenous inhabitants. As previously mentioned, most of them were (later) forcibly removed under the 1830 Indian Removal Act. Our ancestors, nations of the 5 Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminoles Nations), were among those removed to Oklahoma Indian Territory. Pierce surnamed individuals were documented among the 5 Civilized Tribes;

*Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls surname:

*Hampton: Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek Freedmen

*James: Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole Freedmen

*Pierce: Choctaw, Creek Freedmen

It is apparent that Black Indians, Freedmen and Enslaved Africans were enslaved, removed and oppressed by the same militarized Pirates, Pilgrims and Invaders. Here, we get a pretty clear idea of where the other Africans (aside from the Point Comfort, Hampton group were taken), were taken by the White Lion, Treasurer and perhaps many additional vessels. Black Aborigines also became endangered species.


*Batista Angola (Huambo)

*Batista Mozambique (Zambezia)

*Baptista Escandinava Mozambique (Inhambane)

*Baptista Village Subdivision Philippines (Santiago)

*Baptista Brum Uruguay (Artigas)

*Baptista Paraguay (Alto Paraguay)-Fort

* Batista Almeida Brazil (Minas Gerais)

*Batista Botelho Brazil (Sao Paulo); Baptista Botelho Brazil (Sao Paulo)

*Batista Brazil (Sao Paulo) Sao =Saint and Paulo means Paul, Saint Paul

*Batista Brazil (Bahia)

*Batista Campo Brazil (Para)

*Batista Melo Brazil (Minas Gerais)

*Batista Cuba (Camaguey)

*Batista Cuba (Holguin)

*Batista Cuba (La Habana)

*Batista Cuba (Granma)

*Batista Cuba (Santiago de Cuba)

*Batista Cuba (Villa Clara)

*Batista Dominican Republic (El Valle)

*Batista Dominican Republic (Higuamo)

*Batista Lake Minnesota (St. Louis)-Lake

What was the Dawes Commission?

In 1896, in response to complaints from Freedmen that unauthorized Whites had entered Indian Territory, creating a hostile environment, complete with attempts to pay their way onto the Indian Rolls and to "take" Freedmen Allotted Lands, Congress authorized a Tribunal (Commission) headed by Senator Henry Laurens Dawes to take up residence (along with other assigned Commissioners) in Oklahoma Indian Territory for the purpose of counting and making a Final Roll and Determination of the legal inhabitants (by the 1866 Treaties) with claims to citizenship in the 5 Civilized Tribes. Commissioners endeavored to make the rolls descriptive). It took them two years (1896-1898) to take up residence in the Indian Territory to interview, take a deposition and document every man, woman and child in Indian Territory. Commissioners remained in Oklahoma Indian Territory from 1898 to 1906). The result of their years spent (at completion) was the Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Citizenship Rolls.

#2. Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls, 1898-1906; surname:

It can be argued (from a Biblical Perspective) that our people were dispersed (or sent) out of the Garden of Eden under orders to go forth, be fruitful and multiply, which is exactly what they did. Still others take the position that unidentified Black Aborigines were absolute Autochthons (people arising from the soil of the Americas.) This document shows how Black Aborigines are tied to Genesis of the Holy Bible. Moses, Man of God, wrote the First 5 Books of the Bible (in Dutch, Forsta Mose Jebok).

Regardless as to routes taken, this is a brief story of the Men (and women) created by God. Their origin story began on the African Continent, but it ends in the Americas. Our ancestors' remains are the very oldest on this continent. We are their descendants.

Tigris and Euphrates

(Tigris In The Holy Bible)

The Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls list surname: Tiger: Creek Freedmen and Seminole Freedmen Rolls.

The word "Tigris" means "Tiger".

The word "Tigris" in Hebrew is Hiddeqel biblical Hiddekel

I began reading up on Lions, when I remembered that in the Bible was a passage pertaining to the Children Lions and "a Lion's Whelp: to the Children of Israel and a Lion's Whelp (young one, baby) Here is what I found:

“A Lion’s Whelp”, was spoken in reference to Dan. It wasn't a Lion but close enough.

Genesis 49:9 “Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; who shall rouse him up?

Deuteronomy 33:22 “And of Dan he said, Dan is a lion’s whelp: he shall leap from Bashan.”

2 Samuel 17:8 “For said Hushai, thou knowest thy father and his men that they be mighty men, and they be chafed in their minds, as a bear robbed of her whelps in the field: and thy father is a man of war, and will not lodge with the people.”

Job 28:8 “The lion’s whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it.”

Jeremiah 51:38 “They shall roar together like lions: they shall yell as lions’ whelps.”

Ezekiel 19:2 “And say, What is thy mother? A lioness: she lay down among lions, she nourished her whelps among young lions.

From Wikipedia: The Tiger is an Apex Predator and the National animal of India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and South Korea

“The tiger once ranged widely from the Eastern Anatolia Region in the west to the Amur River basin, and in the south from the foothills of the Himalays to Bali in the Sunda


*Sunda Russia (Chechnya)

*Sunda Sweden (Stockholm)

*Sundaskaren Sweden (Stockholm)

*Sundasjon Sweden (Vastra Gotaland)

(Sundas Sweden (Norrbotten)

*Sunda Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kongo Central)

*Sunda Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Tschuapa)

*Sunda Rapids (Tanzania)

*Sunda Zambia (Western)-explain(s)

*Sunda Maira Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

*Sunda Pakistan (Punjab)

*Sunda Bas India (Haryana)

*Sunda Dhulet Reserved Forest India (Rajasthan)

*Sunda ki Tapri India (Rajas

*Sunda India (Rajasthan)

*Sunda India (Gujarat)

*Sunda India (Himachal Pradesh)

*Sunda India (Madhya Pradesh)

*Sunda India (Uttar Pradesh)

*Sundasi India (Uttar Pradesh)

*Sunda Sub Branch India (Haryana)

*Sunda Pahar India (Madhya Pradesh

*Sunda Wopeng China (Jilin)

*Sunda Bank Malaysia (Sabah)

*Sunda Split Malaysia (Sabah)

*Sundasasn Indonesia (Jawa Barat)

*Sunda Papua New Guinea (Southern Highlands)

Tiger: "Since the early 20 century, tiger populations have lost at least 93% of their historic range and have been extirpated in Western and Central Asia, from the islands of Java and Bali, and in large areas of Southeast and South Asia and China. Today’s tiger range is fragmented, stretching from Siberian temperate forests to subtropical and tropical forests on the Indian subcontinent and


“The Middle English tigre and Old English tigras (plural) derives from Old French tigre, from Latin tigris. The origin may have been the Persian word tigra meaning pointed or sharp’, and the Avestan word for ‘arrow’, perhaps referring to the speed of the tiger’s leap, 

Note: What if it is in reference to a Saber Tooth Tiger (which had sharp teeth?

The generic name Panthera is traceable to the Old French word ‘pantere’, the Latin word panthera, and the Ancient Greek word (for panther). The Sanskrit word pand-ara means ‘pale yellow, whitish, white.

Tigris and Euphrates:

Carl Linnaeus

In 1758, Carl Linnaeus described the tiger in his work Systema Naturae and gave it the name Felis tigris. In 1920, the British taxomist Reginal Innes Pocock subordinated the species under the genus Panther using the scientif name Panthera tigris.


The tiger’s closest living relatives were preciously thought to be the Panthera species lion, leopard and jaguar. Results of genetic analysis indicate that about 2.88 milion years argo, the tiger and the snow leopard linages diverged from the other Panthera species, and that both may be more closely related to each other than to the lion, leopard and jaguar. The geographic origin of the Panthera is most likely northern Central Asia. The Tiger-snow leopard lineage dispersed in Southeast Asia during the Miocene.

From Wikipedia: Tigris

“The Ancient Greek form Tigris (Tiypic) meaning “tiger” (if treated as Greek) was adapted from Old Persian Tigra, itself from Elamite Tigra, itself from Sumerian Idigna.

Other Forms of Tigris:

*Language, Akkadian: Tigris = Idiqlat

*Language, Arabic: Tigris = HudaqilA

*Language, Aramaic: Tigris = Diglath

*Language, Armenian: Tigris = Dglat

*Language, Tiypic = ho-Tigres, ho Tigris

*Language, Hebrew = Hiddeqel biblical Hiddekel

*Language, Hurrian = Aranzah =

*Language, Kurdish = Dicle, Dijla

*Language, Old Persian =Tigra, Middle Persian: Tigr; Modern Persian = Dejle

*Language, Sumerian = Idigna/Idigina

*Language, Turkish = Dicle =Tigris

Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls: Surname: Tiger: Creek Freedmen: Seminole Freedmen

Genesis 11

11 “The name of the first is Pi’-son: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Hav’-i-lah, where there is gold;

12 “And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone,

13 “And the name of the second river is Gi’-hon: the same is it, that compasseth the whole land of E-thi-o-pia.

14 “And the name of the third river is Hid’-de-kel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria, And the fourth river is Eu-phra-tes.”

Tigris (Tiger) is also known as Hiddekel

Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls, 1898-1906

Tigri Algeria (Batna)

Tigri Ethiopia (Oromiya) x3

Tigri Iraq (Al Basrah)

Tigris River Iraq (Al Basrah)

Tigri Afghanistan (Laghman)

Tigri Khwar Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Tigri Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

(Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Tigri Anump Singh India (Uttar Pradesh)

Tigri India (Uttar Pradesh) x13

Tigri India (Uttarakhand)

Tigri India (Haryana) x4

Tigri India (Rajasthan)

Tigri India (Madhya Pradesh)

Tigri Khurd India (Uttar Pradesh)

Tigris Sand India (West Bengal)-Shoal(s)

Tigri Keek Suriname (Sipaliwini)

Tigray Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Kifle Hager Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Kilil Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Regional Estate Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Somalia (Jubbada Hoose)

Tigris Mine Colorado (Clear Creek)-Mine

Tigris Missouri (Douglas)

Tigris Post Office (historical) Michigan (Oceana)

Euphrates Syria (Dayr z Zawr)

Euphrates Patch Iran (Hormozgan)-shoal(s)

Euphrat Iraq (Al Basrah)

Euphrate Iraq (Al Basrah)

Euphracio Bolivia (Pando)

Euphrase Bend Missouri (Saline)

Euphrates Cemetery Georgia (Glascock)

Euphrates Dam Syria (Ar Raqqah)

Euphronia Church NC (Lee)-Church

Euphronia Post Office (historical) Alabama (Montgomery)

Euphrosyne Reef MH

Tiga Russia (Permskiy Kray)

Tiga Russia (Tomskaya Oblast’)

Tiga Tret’ya Russia (Tomskaya Oblast’)

Tigerstad Sweden (Kalmar)

Tigas Latvia (Kuldigas Novads)

*Tigre Burkina Faso (Centre-Sud)

Tiga Burkina Faso (Boucle du Mouhoun)

Tiga Burkina Faso ((Hauts-Bassins)

Tigray Ethiopia *

Tigray Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Kifle Hager Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tiga Reservoir Nigeria (Kano)

Tiger Bay Angola (Namibe)-Bay(s)

Tiger Peninsula Angola (Namibe)

Tiger Point Angola (Namibe)

Tiger Spitze Angola (Namibe)-point(s)

Tigray Kilil Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tigray Regional State Ethiopia (Tigray

Tigre Ethiopia (Tigray)

Tia Cameroon (Centre)

*Tigra Kenya (Migori)

Tiger Zimbabwe (Mashonaland West)-mine(s)

Tiger Zimbabwe (Midlands)-mine(s)

Tiger Berg South Africa (Western Cape) x2

Tigers Neck South Arica (Western Cape)-ravine(s)

Tiger Fall South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)b

Tiger Hoek South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)

Tiger Klip South Africa (Eastern Cape)

Tiger Kloof South Africa (Eastern Cape) x4

Tiger Valley Spruit South Africa (Eastern Cape)

Tiger Kloof South Africa (Northern Cape)

Tiger Kolk South Africa (Northern Cape)

Tiger Kop South Africa (Northern Cape)

Tiger Kloof South Africa (Western Cape)

Tiger Ridge South Africa (Eastern Cape)

Tiger Rocks South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal)-rocks

Tiger Reef Namibia (//Karas)-reef(s)

Tigerschluchtrivier Namibia (Khomas)

Tigre Syria (Al Hasakah)

*Tigre Iraq (Al Basrah)

Tigre Pakistan (Punjab)

Tiga Pakistan (Balochistan)

Tiger Kaur Pakistan (Balochistan)

Tigra Bhamora India (Uttar Pradesh)

Tigra Buzurg India (Madhya Pradesh)

Tigra India (Madhya Pradesh) x5

Tigra India (Rajasthan)

Tigra India (Uttar Pradesh) x5

*Tigra Kalan India (Uttar Pradesh)

Tigra Khanpur India (Uttar Pradesh)

Tigra Khor India (Madhya Pradesh)

Tigra Khurd India (Madhya Pradesh)

Tiger Hall Coffee Estate India (Karnataka)-estate(s)

Tiger Hill India (West Bengal)

Tiger Hill Reserved Forest India (Tamil Nadu)-forest rese

Tiger Point Bangladesh (Khulna)

Tiger Point Khal Bangladesh)

Tiga Saki Japan (Tokyo)-point(s)

Tiga Channel Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiga dan Empat Kmajuan Tanah Kerau Dua Malaya (Pahang)

Tiga Kayu Malaysia (Sarawak)-triangulation station

Tiga Kongsi Malaysia (Pulau Pinang)

Tiga Malaysia (Sarawak)

Tiga Papan Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiga Shoals Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiga Tiga Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiga Tarok Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiger Malaysia (Sabah)

Tiger Hill Malaysia (Sabah

Tiga Philippines (Cebu)

Tiga Plan Philippines (Palawan)

Tiga Plan River Philippines (Palawan)

Tigas River Philippines (Antique)

Tigas Island Philippines (Palawan)

Tigas River Philippines (Bataan)

Tigas River Philippines (Laguna)

Tigas Rock Philippines (Palawan)

Tigasa Philippines (Compostela Valley)

Tiger Island Micronesia, Federated States of (Chuuk)-island

Tiga Balata Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Balon Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Baru Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Balon Pane Indonesia (Sumatera Utara

Tiga Dolok Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Eilanden Indonesia (Lampung)

Tiga Geringging Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Indonesia (Bali)

Tiga Indonesia (Kalimantan Utara)-island

Tiga Indonesia (Sulawesi Tenggara)

Tiga Lingga Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Raksa Indonesia (Jawa Barat)

Tiga Urat Duguldugul Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tiga Urung Indonesia (Sumatera Utara)

Tigasan Indonesia (Jawa Tengah)

Tigasan Kulon Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Tigasan Wetan Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Tiger Island Papua New Guinea (Manus)-Island

Tiger Creek Australia (Queensland)

Tiger Head Australia (Tasmania)

Tiger Head Beach Australia (Tasmania)

Tiger Hill Australia (Tasmania)-mountain

Tiger Range Australia (Tasmania)-mountain

Tiger Range Australia (Tasmania)-mountains

Tiger Rise Conservation Area Australia (Tasmania)-reserve

Tiger Lake Australia (Tasmania)

Tiger Hill Australia (Queensland)

Tiger Waterhole Australia (Queensland)

Tiger Snake Lake Australia (Western Australia)

Tigers Camp Creek Australia (New South Wales)

Tigers Hole Australia (tasmania)

Tiger Hill New Zealand (Otago)

Tiger Pakihi New Zealand (West Coast)-moor(s)

Tiger Creek New Zealand (West Coast)

Tigre Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Tigre Argentina (Salta)

Tigre Chico Uruguay (Colonia)

Tigre Grande Uruguay (Colomia)

Tigre Uruguay (Arigas)

Tigre Uruguay (Canelos)

Tigre Uruguay (Durazno)

Tigre Uruguay (Florida)

Tigre Uruguay Maldonado)

Tigre Uruguay (Rio Negro)

Tigre Uruguay (Salto)

Tigre Uruguay (San Jose)

Tigre Uruguay (Tacuarembo)

Tigre Uruguay (Treinta y Tres)

Tigre Chile (Antofagasta)

Tigre Brazil (Amazonas)

Tigre Brazil (Ceara)

Tigre Brazil (Mato Grosso Sul)

Tigre Brazil (Minas Gerais)

Tigre Brazil (Paraiba)

Tigre Brazil (Parana)

Tigre Brazil (Pernambuco)

Tigre Brazil (Piaui)

Tigre Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul)

Tigre De Baixo Brazil (Rio Grande Norte)

Tigre de Cima Brazil (Paraiba)

Tigre Peru (Ica) x3

Tigre Peru (Junin)

Tigre Peru (Loreto)

Tigre Peru (Loreto)

Tigre Peru (Puno)

Tigres Peru (Piura)

Tigre Peru (Tumbes)

Tigre Pata Bolivia (La Paz)

Tigre Alto Ecuador (Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas)

Tigre Bajo Ecuador (Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas) (aka, Zaachila)

Tigre Playa Ecuador (Sucumbios)

Tigre Ecuador (Guayas)

Tigre Ecuador (Zamora-Chinipe)

Tigres Ecuador (Manabi)

Tigre Galan Venezuela (Cojedes)

Tigre Sentado Venezuela (Falcon)

Tigre Venezuela (Carabobo)

Tigre Viejo Venezuela (Barinas)

Tigre Colombia (Antioquia)

Tigre Colombia (Cesar)

Tigre Colombia (Choco)

Tibre Colombia (Guainia)

Tigre Colombia (Narino)-triangulation station)

Tigre Colombia (Putumayo)

Tigre Colombia (Putumayo)

Tigra Colombia (Santander)

Tigre Island Panama (Colon)-Island

Tigre Islands Panama (Colon)

*Tigre Panama (Colon)

*Tigre Panama (Kuna Yale)

Tigre Panama (Panama Oeste)

Tiger Cay Point Panama (Bocas del Toro)-point(s)

Tiger Hill Panama (Bocas del Toro)

Tiger Cays Panama (Ngobe-Bugle)-islands: Ngobe Senegal (Louga); Ngo Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Haute-Uele); Ngobe Congo, Republic of the (Cu)vette); Ngobe Congo, Republic of the (Sangha); Ngobe Burundi (Makamba); Ngobe Uganda (Wakiso; Ngobe Location South Africa (Eastern Cape); Ngobe-Bugle Panama (Nogobe=Bugle)

Tiger Island Panama (Colon)

Tigre Island Panama (Colon): B

Tigre Islands Panama (Colon)

Tiger Island Panama (Kuna Yala)-Island

Tiger Key Panama (Bocas del Toro)

Tigre Nicaragua (Rivas

Tiger Lagoon Nicaragua (Costa Caribe Sur)

Tigre Costa Rica (Heredia)

Tigre Costa Rica (Putamayo)

Tigre Costa Rica (Heredia)

Tigre Costa Rica (Puntarenas)

Tigre Costa Rica (San Jose)

Tigre Costa Rica (Puntarenas)

Tigre Point Costa Rica (Puntarenas)

Tigre River Costa Rica (Puntarenas)

*Tigre Costa Rica (San Jose)

Tigra Costa Rica (Alajuela)

*Tigra Cota Rica (Puntarenas)

Tiger Costa Rica (Puntarenas)

Tigre El Salvador (Chalatenango)

Tigre El Salvador (Santa Ana)

Tigre Honduras (Cortes)

*Tigre Honduras (Santa Barbara)

*Tigre Honduras (Yoro)

Tigre Island Honduras (Valle)-island

Tiger Bay Runs Belize (Belize)

Tiger Creek Belize (Orange Walk)

Tiger Creek Belize (Stann Creek)

Tiger Hill Belize (Belize)

Tiger Sandy Bay Belize (Belize)

Tiger Run Belize (Cayo)-estate(s)

*Tigres Mexico Veracruz)

Tigre Mexico (Nuevo Leon)

Tigre Mexico (Oaxaca)

Tigres Mexico (Oaxaca)

Tigre Mexico (Quintana Roo)

Tigre Mexico (San Luis Potosi)

Tigre Mexico (Sonora)

Tigre Mexico (Tamaulipas)

Tigre Mexico (Zacatecas)

Tigre Mexico (Guerrero))

Tigre Mexico (Jalisco)

Tigres Mexico (Jalisco)

Tigre Mexico (Mexico)

*Tigre Viejo Mexico (Durango)

Tigre Mexico (Nayarit)

Tigre Mexico (Guanajuato)

Tigra Azul Mexico (San Luis Potosi)

Tigre Mexico (Chihuahua)

Tigre Mexico (Durango)

Tigre Nuevo Mexico (Durango)

Tigre Arroyo New Mexico (De Baca)

Tigre Grande Mexico (Quintana Roo)

Tiger Bird Creek Guyana (Mahaica-Berbice)

Tiger Fall Guyana (Potaro-Siparuni)

Tiger Falls Guyana (Potaro-Siparuni)

Tiger Falls Guyana (East Berbice-Corentyne)

Tiger Guyana (East Berbice-Corentyne)-Triangulation Station

Tiger Hill Guyana (Barima-Waini)

Tiger Hill Guyana (Upper Demerara-Berbice)

Tiger Island Guyana (Cuyuni-Mazaruni)-Island

Tiger Island Guyana (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara)-Island

Tiger Island Guyana (Mahaica-Berbice)-island

Tiger Jump Creek Guyana (Upper Demerarar-Berbice)

Tiger River Guyana (Cuyuni-Mazaruni)

Tiger Fall Suriname (Sipaliwini)-waterfall(s)

TigerFalls Suriname (Sipaliwini)-Waterfall(s)

Tiger Banks Suriname (Marowijne)-shoal(s)

Tigas Haiti (Grand’Anse [French]/Grandans [Haitian Creole])

Tiger Hills Canada (Manitoba

-Under Construction Update-February 21, 2020

Did you know that "we" are the remnant or fringe who have always worn fringe? We were supposed to remember "Abib" (also "Aviv"), are Hebrew word(s) devoted to remembrance of the time (and name of the month) that God had Moses lead the Children of Israel out of Pharaoh's House of Bondage, in the land of Egypt, They were brought out by the awesome and mighty hand of the LORD. African-ancestored Black Hebrews and Karaites in the Americas became unfamiliar with the original word "Abib" and replacement word "Nisan" after removal from the continent and immersion into Slavery (once again) resulting from contact with Europeans. 

In effect, the replacement word "Nisan" was completely unrecognizable to us, due to an imposed lack of historic linguistic reference. Below is a list of geo-locations representing places our ancient ancestors (with original knowledge of the word "Nisan" and/or "Abib")-word(s) wielded in all the places inhabited or passed through) in prehistoric times. Ultimately, I will show many other words from the African continent, India, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Melanesia that ended up on the American Mainland in prehistory, long before European arrival.

(Remember, the following places were occupied by the ancient ancestors, as aborigines, in an ancient age, Africa first then out-flowed to all other places):

*Nisan Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of/Bosne i Hercegovine, Federacija), -Ir is my belief that our people became enslaved here or became an ancient mixed population that was likely ended with finality by war. At any rate: The word "Splitsko-Dalmatinska" forms the root of "Dalmatian", which refers to a White/Black Dog (there is a movies called 101 Dalmatians, about the exploits of puppies pursued by a Cruel Devil of a woman, (Cruella Deville). Was the original Dalmatian a person or people group?

*Nisan Bosnia and Herzegovina (Srpska, Republika [Bosnia, Croatia, Serbian]

*Nisani Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federation of/Bosne i Hercegovine, Federacija [Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian]

*Nisanata Mali (Mopti)

*Nisan Marke Nigeria (Jigawa)

*Nisan Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kongo Central) *a key place for Black Indians of America and Trans-Atlantic Slaves, to including Angola.

*Nisan Iran (Kerman)

*Nisaneh Iran (Kirmanshah)

*Nisan Afghanistan (Herat)- Herat similar to "Herad" or "Herod".

*Nisana India (Karnataka)

*Nisani Betta India (Tamil Nadu)-mountain

*Nisani Gudda India (Karnataka)-mountain

*The following geo-locations (below) confirms that African wielders of the Hebrew word "Nisan" (for "Abib") left Africa and inhabited the Middle East (as Slaves), then into India (perhaps as writers of Sanskrit [Sans (Saint) Krit or Kritias which was also the name of Slave on the Raysor Slave Manifest in South Carolina]), they were Dravidians, Naga, Bonda, Andaman, etc. Subsequent generations of this people group were African-Indian (Black and Indian). They left India as an African-ancestored Indians. They peopled Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia. "Indo" refers to people of "African-Indian" ancestry.

 This Aboriginal People Group and the later captured and exiled original people of the Kingdom of Ndongo-Congo and Angola traveled similar routes and went on to people or inhabit places (as Aborigines and Slaves. Together they comprise the ancestor group of Indigenous people, even those in North America.

These subsequent people group became the ancestors of the Indigenou Black-Indian people (even in North America). What is truly interesting, is that people groups from the same areas were later captured and exiled (with finality) during the Trans-Atlantic Slavery-era. Therefore, Prehistoric African-Indians and Africans of the Trans-Atlantic Slavery era (to termination of Slavery on the American Mainland) comprise the ancestors of both Black Indians, Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes and Foundational Black Americans (Descendants of American Slaves) to final termination of Slavery in American and Indian Territory (1865 and 1866). That is when all cultures began to develop in Place.

Whites during the time period 1619 through to 1865, held themselves to be a distinctly different culture of immigrants to America, uninvited hostile Colonizers. They have no history as an occidental organic population of Aborigines or Native Americans. Whereas, Black Aborigines have proof of connections to cultures residing in the hemisphere, continent and Mainland of the Americans for thousands of years before arrival of Europeans. Our Mounds, Pyramids and Occupation are recorded by the earliest of traders, eyewitnesses, botanists and subsequent treaties made after Indian Wars against them.

waves of such people who continued to come from Africa-the Middle East-India through to the Trans-Atlantic Slavery Era, then bred as an Isolate

Dawes Final Indian and Freedmen Rolls, 1898-1906: Surname: Barley: Choctaw Nation Freedmen

*Nisana Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur);

Note: We check the diasporan Nusa [Tenggara] Timur (Indonesia) and find the word Sulawesi Selatan. We track the outflow of the root word "Sulu: from; Tenggara Indonesia (Sulawest Selatan); Selah (is a word found throughout the Holy Bible).


*Nisana Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur)

*Tenggara Indonesia (Sulawesi Selatan); [Sula wesi]

[Sula Iceland (Sudurland); Sula Russia; Sula Ukraine (Sums'ka Oblast'); Sula Kommune Norway (More of Romsdal); Sula Finland (Etela-Savo [Finnish]/Sodra Savolax [Swedish]); Sula Estonia (Viljandimaa); Sula Albania (Elabsan); Sula Belarus (Minskaya Voblast/Minskaya Oblast); Sula Russia]

Sula Russia (Arkhangelskaya Oblast;)

Sula Russia (Chelyabinskaya Oblast')

Sula Russia (Kareliya)

Sula Russia (Kurskaya Oblast')

Sula Russia (Nenetsky Avtonomnyy Okrug)

Sula Russia (Tatarstan)

Sulaslmi Finland (Pohjois-Pohjanmaa/Norra Osterbotten)

Sula Sweden (Vasternorrland)

Sula Norway (Oppland)

Sula Norway (Sogn og Fjordane)-Island

Sula Norway (Sor-Trondelag)-Island

Sula Norway (Trons [Norwegian]/Romsdal [Northern Sami])

*Sula Latvia (Engures Novads)

*Sula Slovakia (Banskobystricky)

*Sula Macedonia (Debarca)

*Sula Macedonia (Mavrovo)

*Sula Macedonia (Skopje)

*Sula Mare Romania (Vaslui)

*Sula Portugal (Viseu)

*Sulas Turkey (Samsun)

*Sula Mahalleh Iran (Gilan); *Sula Iran (Ardabil); *Sula Iran (Semnan); *Sula Khan Iran (Khorasan-e Jonubi); 

*Sulas Syria (Al Ladhiqiyah);

*Sula Sudan (Nile River); *Sula Erigo Ethiopia (Sumale); *Sula Erigol Ethiopia (Sumale);  

*Sula Angola (Bie); Sula Mbanda Angola (Bie); *Sula Antola (Uige); *Sula Angola (Bengo); *Sula Zambia (Western); Sula Musonda Mulu Zambia (Central); *Sula Gali India (Jammu and Kashmir); *Sula India (Maharashtra); *Sula India (Uttarakhand); *Sula Nada India (Madhya Pradesh); *Sula Paddar India (Himachal Pradesh); *Sula Medu India (Kerala)-mountain*Sula Kura Bangladesh (Rajshahi); *Sula Obootoyn Mongolia (Hentiy); *Sula Obootoyn Soma Mongolia (Hentiy); *Sula Ondor Mongolia (Dornod)*Sula Xinzhai China (Yunnan); *Sula China (Tibet/Xizang); *Sula China (Sichuan); *Sula Island Philippines (Albay); Sula Philippines (Camarines Norte); *Sula Philippines (Sulu); *Sula Philippines (Tarlac)*Sula Indonesia (Jawa Tengah); *Sulastri Indonesia (Jawa Tengah); *Sula Indonesia (Maluku); *Sula Island Indonesia (Maluku Utara); *Sula Sanana Indonesia (Maluku Utara); *Nisanuan Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur); *Sula Sanana Indonesia (Maluku Utara); *Sula Mangole Indonesia (Maluku Utara); *Sula Mangoli Indonesia (Maluku Utara)

Sulawesi Barat

Barat Uzbekistan (Farg'ona)

Barat Croatia (Itarska Zupanija)

Barateaz Romania (Timis)

Baraterdotanya Hungary (Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg)

Baratere Hungary (Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok)-Black Inca had an ancestral/ trade relationship here

*Barata Macedonia (Bogdanci)

*Barata Macedonia (Konce)

*Barata Macedonia (Negotino)

*Barata Macedonia (Novaci)

*Barata Macedonia (Prilep)

*Barata Macedonia (Rosoman)

Barata Bulgaria (Montana)

Barata Bulgaria (Pleven)

Barata Bulgaria (Sofia)

Baratsi Bulgaria (Kardzhali)

Barata Portugal (Lisboa)

Barat Ziyar Morocco (Rabat-Sale-Kenitra)

Barata Cote d'Ivoire (Sassandra-Marahoue)

Barata Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Sud-Ubangi)

Barata Angola (Benguela)

Barat Bota Ethiopia (Amara)

Barat K'irk'is Bete Kristiyan Ethiopia (Amara)-church

Barata Rwanda (Eastern Province/Est/Iburasirazuba [Kinyarwanda])

Barata Kenya (Isiolo)

Barata Mozambique (Nampula)

Barat Yemen (Al Jawf) x2

Barat Yemen (Ad Dali')

*Barat Murshid Oman (Janub ash Sharqiyah)-reef(s)

Barat al Hasan Iraq (Al Anbar)

Barat Dagh Iraq (Ninaway) *Chata or Choctaw had Ninawaya)

Barat Bolaghi Iran (Qazvin)

*Barat Chesmeh Iran (Tehran)irk

*Barat Kalaca Afghanistan (Kandahar)

*Barat Kalacha Afghanistan (Kandahar)

*Barat Karez Kalay Afghanistan (Kandahar)

*Barat Karez Kelay Afghanistan (Kandahar)

*Barat Khel Afghanistan (Paktika)

Barata Afghanistan (Baghlan)

Barata Afghanistan (Ghor)

Baratesha Afghanistan (Kunar)

*Barat Kaul Pakistan (Balochistan)

*Barat Kaur Pakistan (Balochistan)

*Barat Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Barata Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Barata Drain Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Barata Minor Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Barat Gala Pakistan (Azad Kashmir)

*Barat Khai Pass India (Uttarakhand)-Pass

Barata India (Uttar Pradesh)

Barat Bari India (Uttar Pradesh)

Barat Bojh India (Uttar Pradesh)

Barat India (Bihar)

Barat India (Haryana)

Barat India (Jammu and Kashmir)

Barat India (Madhya Pradesh)

Barat India (Uttarakhand)

Barat Pahari India (Uttar Pradesh)

Barat Nala India (Karnataka)

*Barat Bangladesh (Khulna)

Barat Bangladesh (rajshahi)-distributary (-ie*Sulas Quilla Colombia (Norte de Santander);s)

Barat Bank Malaysia (Labuan)

*Barat Philippines (IIocos Norte)

*Barat Philippines (Nueva Vizcaya)

*Barat Philippines (Pangasinan)

Barata Indonesia (Sulawesi Selatan)

*Barat Lanyan Indonesia (Aceh)

*Barat Laok Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Daja Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Indonesia (Aceh)

Barat Indonesia (Banten)

Bara Indonesia (Jawa Barat)

Barat Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Jatan Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Oro Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Pasar Indonesia Jawa Timur)

Barat Satu Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barat Sungai Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barate Indonesia (Nusa Tenggara Timur)

Baratesan Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Baratembo Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

*Baratsawah Indonesia (Jawa Timur)

Barateau Haiti (Artibonite [French]/Latibonit [Haitian Creole])

Baraterre Bahamas, The (Exuma)-Island) -compare to aboriginal Baratere Hungary (Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok)

*Sula Cay Virgin Islands (St. Thomas);

*Sula Ecuador (Azuay); *Sula Honduras (Santa Barbara);

*Sulas Quilla Colombia (Norte de Santander);

*Sula Cemetery Montana (Ravalli); *Sula Creek Montana (Ravalli); *Sula Division Montana (Ravalli); *Sula Montana (Ravalli); *Sula Peak Montana (Ravalli); *Sula State Forest Montana (Ravalli); Sula State Forest MT (Ravalli)

Most of us were unaware that Dongo Dongo referred to Okra. If it is not the same, what is the meaning of Ndongo? Okra has always been a staple ingredient in Gumbo, which comes from Africa. The African method of cleaning and cooking Okra eliminates stickiness or a slimy texture.

The Dingo is an ancient dog that is unique to Australia. The species is nearly 3,500 years old. It may surprise you to find that the name comes from the African Continent (i.e., Ndingo).

*Dinga Sierra Leone (Southern)

*Dinga Mali (Koulikoro)

*Dingasso Mali (Sikasso)

*Dinga Guinea (Kankan)

*Dingasso Burkina Faso (Hauts-Bassins)

*Dingasso Cote d'Ivoire (Vallee du Bandama)

*Dinga Hills Nigeria (Adamawa)

*Dinga Nigeria (Adamawa)

*Dingas Niger (Diffa)

*Dingas-Koura Niger (Diffa)

*Dinga Chad (Mandoul)

*Dingamba (Chad (Moyen-Chari)

*Dingo Central African Republic (Ouham-Pende)

*Ndinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Lualaba)

*Dinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kasai Central)

*Dinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kongo Central)

*Dinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kwango)

*Dinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Kwilu)

*Dinga Congo, Democratic Republic of the (Mongala)

*Dinga Congo, Republic of the (Cuvette)

*Dinga Ndoki Congo, Republic of the (Niari)

*Ndinga Angola (Zaire)

*Dinga Angola (Zaire)

*Dingo Angola (Zaire)

*Dingo Angola (Uige)

*Dinga Angola (Uige)

*Ndinga Angola (Malanje)