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Red Feather Showcase 2-Origins

My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven,

Reclaiming each Ñuu Tnoo Huahi Andehui

Old theories (like the Bering Strait theory-as the sole entry point for ancient emigrants) must be laid to rest when "one size" does not fit all or whenever a preponderance of evidence proves new theories more viable, probable or having a higher degree of likelihood than not, such as in the case of the true aboriginal development and/or settlement of the Americas.

We include the whole of the Americas, yet our realm expands beyond the entirety of the American mainland at the center and reaches out to enjoin ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Carthage (ancient Africa), Australia, Tasmania, New Guinea, Melanesia and Polynesia throughout the Pacific Islands over to Easter Island, South and Central America, Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Coast, Florida and the Caribbean as additional DNA contributors and parental influence(s).

Ancient Aleut Dancing and Mortuary Masks, 1883

Study Subjects of Smithsonian Institutes First Director, J.W. Powell

Aleuts are an indigenous Alaskan people.

Members of an indigenous culture living in the Aleutian Islands and southwestern coastal Alaska. These were their ancient Burial Masks, clearly demonstrating two distinct types of peoples, prior to 1883.

These are not merely the postulations of Dr. Molette, rather, she provides long buried documentation proving that these were also the theories and subject of study of a bevvy of ancient scholars, Americas First Ethnologists and modern forensic archaeologists, ignored by the mainstream in fear of insulting the sensibilities of modern gentrified Native Americans in a trite show (of political correctness) that denies Descendants of Ethnic (Black) Aborigines of the Americas their Nationality and Citizenship for the convenience of others.

Understanding that it is going to be hard to breech the longstanding political agenda of the gentrified forces that relieved the descendants of Ethnic (Black) Aboriginals of alloidial title to the land passed down by our ancient Fathers, never-the-less, it is a campaign foretold from the most remote times that the Black Indians would again rise to do precisely what we are doing today.

We begin by telling all about the First People of My Father's Tribe.

My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven,

Reclaiming each ÑuuTnoo Huahi Andehui

Dr. Angela Finley Molette, a descendant of Ethnic Tribal Citizens of the former 5 Civilized Tribes (Full blood and Freedmen) steps forward to remind the Nations of the Americas about Black Aboriginal Mother Cultures and the still valid rights of their descendants (including Freedmen). The hidden heritage of the continent’s Black Aborigines, ancient emigrants and settlements are revealed against a backdrop of conspiracies designed to sustain a national program of race bias, discrimination, denial of Nationality and Tribal Citizenship through negligence, callous disregard of their existence, tenuous legal-political status, health-welfare instability and dire need to achieve economic parity.

Theirs is a story of former full spectrum predominance, high achievements and historic greatness juxtaposed with later genocide through wars of extinction, enslavement by other Indians, removals, dishonored treaties, starvation, failed Federal protections, expropriation of treaty mandated tribal lands, stolen lands, mishandled trust funds, graft, corruption, race-based expulsions, exile and denial of inherited rights all based upon the lingering effects of America‘s One Drop Rule.

My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven, Reclaiming each Ñuu Tnoo Huahi Andehui shines a light upon the politics of racism that remains in firm control of Tribal resources deeded to Ethnic Natives (Freedmen) heirs, beneficiaries and assigns. It suggests that racism and bias based upon laws of yester-year abolished by America’s march towards racial equality replaced by the codified language of exclusion, which lies at the heart of a conspiracy characterized chiefly by national denial of the existence of the Black Mother Cultures and disenfranchisement of their descendants.

“And Their Descendants”

Against intolerance and pitched epic battles including modern Supreme Court cases poised to decide who is an Indian and who is or isn’t eligible for modern Tribal rights using racial standards alone, Molette’s book requires readers and America’s Courts to question the history they were taught and provides answers to many other troubling questions relating to Ethnic (Black) Indians and Freedmen.

Given the measure of their descent from Black Aboriginals and enfranchisement by the last words of the original unified tribe(s) via the 1866 Treaties viewed not only as contracts but as the last will and testament of the original tribes; ”Is it right to deny Black Indians (and Freedmen) from all tribes their mandated-stipulated-inalienable Treaty Rights as an eligible legal class, successor-in-interest and protectorate of the tribes simply because of their African Admixture?”

Original Tribal Native American Ancestors bequeathed Treaty Rights to their descendants in full acknowledgement of their unique racial ethnicity and rendered all legal Nationals and Citizens eligible for rights in perfect equality, in the face of having no other nationality or allegiance to other nations.

“And Their Descendants”

“And Their Descendants” (infers perpetuity, looks to the future of succeeding generations) was a by-line included in each 1866 Treaty of the 5 Civilized Tribes with the United States addressing Ethnic Tribal Nation Citizens (by Natural Law, Legal-Treaty Law, Birth, Residence and En Mass Adoption). First Nations of the Hemisphere legitimized the Nationality and Citizenship of the Ethnic Native Americans and Freedmen in the eyes of the foreign power of the United State.

Their descendants are advocating intervention by the U.S. Congress and/or the sitting President to issue an edict barring State Sponsored Racism against Ethnic Natives (and Freedmen). It is imperative that they state that America is committed to rightly honor the Treaty Rights of all classes of descendants of Indigenous Peoples, including their Tribal Bands (whether attached or autonomous) in equity and fairness through a restored Division of Ethnic Indian and (Freedmen) Bureau of Indian Affairs.

It is against this scintillating backdrop that Dr. Molette dares to hazard an entry on behalf of thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) descended from the Black Aboriginal Mother Cultures and Tribal Nations.

Don’t miss My Father’s Tribe II: Black Town Temple of Heaven, Reclaiming each ÑuuTnoo Huahi Andehui.

Ancient Chimu Textile depicting Black and Red Peruvian People of the Andes

One must consider all the colors available to the artisan for artworks, balanced by the colors used to depict people. It is very surprising that this decomissioned priceless artwork from a very prestigious museum was taken out of public view due to disinterest.

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